Hi! I'm Roselle Ann.

I'm an integrated marketing

and business development professional, with a focus on content and digital.

Roselle Ann Dela Peña-Maluntad

What I do


Strategy & Execution


I'm currently building a career in marketing and business development where I can apply those interests I mentioned above (for me, marketing and business development are the marriage of the creative and the commercial); maximize online and offline channels of growth through integrated campaigns; build partnerships; increase awareness, engagement, and sales; and create value for businesses and consumers alike.




—By building upon my three (3) years' combined work experience and past achievements in the areas of marketing operations, client/customer relations, sales and sales support, events, and administration; and bolstering these competencies with my practical qualifications and continuous upskilling in the full spectrum of marketing (digital, branding, public relations, advertising, communications, product strategy, analytics, and research), business development techniques (sales, proposals, and bids), and creative communications and software (multimedia content).


I say marketing and business development because, through my research of the market, the roles and industries where I can thrive usually require skills set from each, or a combination of both, and sometimes the terms are used interchangeably.


While my focus lie on content and digital, my skills are not limited, nor do I want to limit myself, to those areas. I'm a jack-of-many-HIGHLY-RELATED-trades, soon to be master of some!

A little bit about me


Born in Manila in late 1993 (reborn this year, 2017), I'm a young digital native living in cosmopolitan Dubai. Growing up, I've always been a creative enthusiast and dabbled in various creative pursuits—mainly art as a kid, literature and writing as an adolescent, design at coming-of-age, and multimedia now as an adult—and dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur in my late 20s or early 30s.

Pigeonholes are best left to pigeons and posts.


Studies, Certification, & Training

Where I can thrive


Personal Marketing: Digital, Content, & Branding

Skills demonstrated & applied:


  • Content Creation & Management
  • Web Design & Development
  • SEO (Technical & Content-wise)
  • Writing & Proofreading
  • Graphic Design
  • Analytics

Qualities exemplified:


  • Inventive & resourceful
  • Tech-savvy
  • Well-rounded
  • Versatile & quick-learner
  • Passionate & determined
  • Ambitious

I created my own personal logo and identity system, built this adaptive, parallax-scrolling website without prebuilt templates or themes, and started a blog 1) to showcase some of the must-have and nice-to-have skills of a modern-day marketer that I have, 2) simply because I love creating, building, and expressing myself, and 3) to demonstrate my determination to succeed in my chosen field.


If you're an employer or recruiter reading this, consider both the hard and soft skills I can bring to your team or client. I really love what I do and I believe that's as important as years of experience!


Tools: Muse, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Search Console & Analytics, cPanel, Cyberduck, and the old, trusty MS Word, pen, and paper


Note: My website and blog are very new, so allow some time for relevant metrics, especially organic, to produce significant figures.

There are more projects

in the pipeline, so keep checking back for updates!

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If you'd like to view my CV/resumé, please drop me a line.

I'm available for full-time, temp, or part-time employment, remote work, and side projects, so reach out and let's explore how we can collaborate on crafting compelling content and engaging experiences, and boosting those numbers.



Dubai, UAE

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